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VIDEO: Tupac Gets Big Headed & In Trouble On Yo! MTV Raps (VH1 Rock Doc Teaser)

Posted by Claudette
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on Friday, 01 June 2012 in Hot Topics


PAC was just sooooooooo REAL at all times! On June 7th VH1 will air one of their 'Rock Docs' on seminal Rap show Yo! MTV Raps. In this teaser Ed Lover and Doctor Dre speak on the time 'Pac incriminated himself by calling out the Hughes Brothers and admitting to roughing them after they fired him from Menace II Society. The brothers would later use that same footage as evidence in a case against 'Pac, which ultimately cost him 15 days in jail. Allen Hughes gave Vibe his side of the story back in 2009 when he claimed that 'Pac sent a pack of goons to do the dirty work and never actually laid a finger on him or his brother.

From the VIBE article:

In March 1993, there was an incident between Tupac and Allen at a music video shoot which resulted in Tupac being convicted of assault and battery. "The biggest misnomer is that me and Tupac got into any fight. It was me and 12 Crips that he got to jump me. He didn't do shit," Allen claims. "Tupac didn't lay a hand on me. I had my hands on him. But there was not a physical fight between me and Tupac. It was a physical fight between me and 12 gangbangers. I believe they are called the Rolling 40s and they rolled me up pretty good."

Allen adds: "Tupac was an artist. Tupac was not a gangbanger. Tupac could not fight to save his motherfucking life. I know that for a fact. He was an immensely gifted person and he was far, far, far from a thug." He lets out a deep sigh. "I think that's just years of frustration that just came out."

Cick here to check out the video footage.....TUPAC was a BEAST! LOL  Miss ya boy! R.I.P.


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